Support your local startup – Buy Local

The fact that most startups need to aim globally to have any prospect of making it big should not mean that they should not also focus on their local market, particularly in the early part of their life.

When people talk about supporting local startups they are generally talking about investment and education and community… what about as a customer or user.. Buy local is not just something we should do to support local small business and producers… what about the startups?? In Perth we have a vast array of startups and tech companies that provide products and services to meet your needs … but you are only going to buy from them if you know about them.

A tip to companies… to benefit from any sort of ‘buy local’ support you need to let potential consumers know where you are based. Be proud of where you are from. If your product or service is good people from elsewhere will still buy it.

Sure many startups need some investment but what is most important for all startups (and grownup startups for that matter) is customers, sales, traction and revenue… make it easier to get that investment.

Interested in 3d Printing?

Bitcoin your thing??

Want to make managing your expenses or doing your tax easier?

want to find a tradie??

There is a local startup for that..

The Techboard is being established to increase the visibility of local tech companies both startups and grownups for a bunch of reasons… including to help make it easier for Western Australians to support companies in and from their own backyard.  Want to find out more about Techboard … check it out.


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