Techboard Company Traction Report July 2017

Welcome to Techboard’s Company Traction Report for July 2017. In these reports we highlight traction by Australian startups and young technology companies, broken into the three headings of News coverage, Milestones and Funding events. We collect this data as a major input into the monthly Techboard Ranking. This month have news mentions, milestones and Funding events for 200 Australian startups and tech companies. The companies are listed in the order in which they appeared in the July Techboard Ranking.

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Techboard is Seeking Data Partners

Techboard has been collecting data on Startups and Young Technology Companies since September 2015 to support the Techboard Ranking, such as this Traction Report and our Quarterly Funding Reports and is currently collecting data on 1390 companies (with this number increasing monthly).  Techboard  is seeking a corporate partner or partners to enable it to continue to produce these reports, increase its data collection activities and to enhance its ability to generate valuable reports and other data products to help grow the Startup and Tech Company ecosystem in Australia. The corporate partner or partners would obtain branding exposure including on our current reports, opportunities for media coverage as well as unprecedented access to our data and many other benefits.

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