Startups in Perth Unwrapped – A new report from Think & Grow and Techboard

Last week our friends at Think & Grow released a report entitled "Startups in Perth Unwrapped", providing founder-led, data backed insights into the current landscape of Perth's startup ecosystem and community, with recommendations to support its levelling up on a national and global scale. Techboard was very pleased to contribute its data to the report and its Launch.

The Report was launched at an event at Spacecubed's Flux co-working space. There was a great turnout from across the startup community in Perth, with founders, investors and others coming together to discuss opportunities and challenges faced by founders within funding, talent and ecosystem growth. Techboard Co-founder Peter van Bruchem took part in a panel session ably facilitated by Kate Harris Slade from Think & Grow with Tim Brewer, Sheryl Frame, and Marcus Tan.

Read about the event in a great story by Charlie Gunningham for StartupNews

This event was a continuation on a theme that Techboard has covered in Roundtable events held over the last few years and highlights a few major and possibly connected factors, the low level of Venture Capital funding in Western Australia or invested in Western Australian Startups as well as the comparatively low level of financial support provided to the sector by the Western Australian Government.

Techboard contributed its funding data captured over the last four years to help illustrate how WA startups are faring compared to their counterparts on the eastern seaboard. The report also contains a sneak preview from Techboard's upcoming report on female founder funding, coming from the work we are doing for the Australian Government.

See the brief summary report:


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