StartCon, Techboard and MYOB come together to present the Techboard 2017 Awards

Techboard’s inaugural national annual celebration of Trending Australian Startups and Young Tech Companies, the Techboard 2017 awards will be taking place in Sydney on the evening 30 November 2017 at the Launch Party for StartCon, Australia’s largest Startup Conference and is sponsored by MYOB.

Techboard Co-founder and Chief Startup Evangelist, Peter van Bruchem outlined, “We are very pleased to be partnering with Cheryl Mack and her team at StartCon. This partnership gives Techboard an excellent opportunity to ensure that our first National Techboard Awards is accessible to attendees from across Australia which reflects the national focus we have been implementing since January this year. MYOB’s support helps make what we are trying to achieve with Techboard possible.”

Cheryl Mack, Head of StartCon, Australia’s largest Startup Conference explained, “Together with Techboard, we are showcasing Australian startups and young tech companies and their successes, which are tracked throughout the year. By celebrating and sharing these successes, we are aiming for Australian investors, policy makers, consumers and future entrepreneurs to sit up and take notice. Global changes fuelled by disruption from the startup ecosystem impact us all. We want to ensure more disruption comes from Australian startups, to benefit the local economy and secure the success of future generations. With the help of companies like MYOB, we feel confident in achieving this within our eco-system.”

Kristen Holden Startup Manager from MYOB, the Gold Sponsor for the StartCon Conference outlined MYOB’s rationale for its support of Startups and the Techboard Awards:

“We love supporting startups. As one of the original Australian startups we believe in giving back to the community that helped us to grow. The Techboard 2017 Awards is great way to showcase up and coming tech companies ahead of Startcon which we are thrilled to support.”

On the night Techboard Co-Founder and Chief Data Nerd Rafael Kimberly-Bowen will present insights from Techboard’s ongoing analysis of Australia’s Startup Ecosystem and the evening will culminate with the presentation of awards including Highest Ranked Company and Startup Community Award amongst others.  If you are interested in the opportunity to sponsor prizes for these awards please contact Techboard.

The Techboard  2017 Awards will take place at the StartCon pre-conference event at the Sheaf in Double Bay.  Registrations for the event will are free to StartCon ticket holders and Techboard guests. To get more information about the event and the Techboard 2017 Ranking sign up to Techboard. You will also get full access to Techboard’s rankings, Company Traction Reports and other great content.



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About Techboard:

Techboard is the Discovery and Intelligence Platform for Australia’s Startups and Young Tech Companies. At its core is a company directory with over 1500 companies and an announcements platform that can be used by companies who have claimed their profile. Techboard is continually adding companies and aims to eventually have profiles for all Australian Startups and Young Tech Companies. Techboard also monitors and tracks progress of all of these companies and produces a number of data products including the Techboard Ranking of Trending Australian Startups and Young Tech Companies, its Monthly Company Traction Reports which outline news, milestones and funding outcomes it captures for its Ranking and Quarterly Funding Reports. Techboard will also soon be enabling companies to promote their capital raises.