Most Popular in January

It has been a slow start to the year for many but there still has been keen interest on Techboard in some key posts, interviews, company profiles and announcements. This January was roughly twice as big for traffic as the same time last year. Here are the most popular posts on Techboard for January.

Most Viewed Data Post

During January we published the Quarterly Funding Report on Australia’s Startups and Young Tech Companies for the December Quarter 2017 which was one of our most popular posts.


Most Viewed Interview

We published a great interview of Larry Diamond from recently renamed Zip Co. by our friend and Techboard correspondent Matthew Parker from MitchelLake. It was the only interview published in January so its comparative popularity is not surprising.


Most Viewed Company Profile

The most viewed company profile by a safe margin was the recently launched National Currency Exchange (NCX) which also recently announced it had raised $750,000 in a private round.  The NCX set up their Techboard profile before launching and despite coverage in the Business Press in WA and Nationally, the no. 1 Hit on Google was their Techboard Profile.

Most Viewed Announcement

Companies who have claimed their Techboard Profile can use our Announcements Platform currently for free. The Company with the most viewed announcement for January was IMR Technologies … and it was an announcement from September: