Is it time make an Announcement on Techboard?

We have our March Startup Ranking coming out THIS WEEK. Our most popular content on the Techboard platform is our Monthly Startup Ranking. When we publish our ranking we always get more visits to the site and more attention generally.  So now is a great time to make an announcement and capitalise on this.


So who can make announcements on Techboard?

Any Australian Startup or Young Tech Company can set up or claim a company profile the Techboard Team have created. Once they have done this they can use our Announcements platform. Claiming profiles and making announcements is FREE.

Do you have anything you could or should announce?

Announcements don't need to be big news... anything you celebrate in the office can be announced. Reasons to announce include:

  1. getting your name in front of the right sort of audience on a regular basis;
  2. you get to tell your story in your words;
  3. making sure your achievements help your company's position in our Startup Ranking; and
  4. building your audience by tapping into Techboard's audience and our partners'.

Where do my announcements appear? All Announcements made on Techboard appear:

  1. on Techboard's homepage and on the announcements page;
  2. prominently on your company's profile;
  3. they are shared by Techboard and our partners on Social media; and
  4. Included in our regular email newsletters.

How do I make announcements?

Once you have claimed a profile and are logged in, you go to the "My Profiles" page and click on the "Make an Announcement" button next to your company logo.

Read more about Announcements.

How do I claim or set up a Company Profile on Techboard?

Read about setting up a profile on Techboard.


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