Invest in Australian Startups – Investor Registration is LIVE!!

At Techboard we have been actively exploring how we can support Australian Startup companies in raising money and enable investors to discover, research and invest in Australian startups.

Techboard was already a platform which enabled companies to promote themselves generally to an audience which included investors. So we decided it was not that big a step to take to enable the same companies to promote their capital raisings and make Techboard a true investment discovery platform.  

The promotion and publicity of capital raisings by unlisted private companies is tightly regulated in Australia by the Corporations Law and we are not able to distribute information on private capital raisings publicly on the Techboard Platform. The law requires that we only make such information available to users that have first subscribed to receive such information and who have also been exposed to investor notices.

So the first step in enabling us to help companies promote their capital raisings and to facilitate investment in Australian Startups is to get investors to register on the Techboard platform. We are pleased to announce that we have activated Investor Registration. Investors can now sign up to receive notifications of  opportunities to invest in Australian Startups and Tech Companies.

The recent introduction of the Innovation Tax Incentive provides tax benefits to both Sophisticated and Retail Investors and we are keen to enable all interest investors to find investment opportunities that fit their preferences and risk profile. We anticipate that many opportunities which will be promoted on Techboard will only be available to sophisticated or s708 Investors, we are however exploring options to enable retail investors to invest in startups (whether direct or indirect) so they can access the Innovation Tax Incentive in way suitable to their needs. We will therefore be accepting registrations from any interested investors.

We are continuing to make changes to the Techboard platform over the coming months to enable companies to promote their capital raising and will keep companies, readers and registered investors apprised of all developments.


The Techboard Team

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