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““The Your Tunes World app is where music lovers get social! This unique new app allows you to listen to your favorite music and connect with other people around the globe. This app is not just another music player, it’s a social network where people connect with others around their musical tastes. Find out what music other people are listening to, share your favorite songs, start a discussion, match your music favorites with other users, and much, much more. This is one social network that won’t get boring!

Category: Entertainment
Operational Status: No-longer active
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Perth Western Australia

State: Western Australia
Overseas Operations: No
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Joel Roberts

I am a dynamic problem solver working in the tendering department as the proposals administrator for one of the biggest infrastructure companies in Australia. I have a broad range of skills and i adopt new principals quickly. I have an excellent rapport with my colleagues and I like to listen before I speak. I'm looking to further my skills in civil, mining, building infrastructure as well as oil and gas.

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