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In a crowded market, job seekers are struggling to be heard and they feel that they can’t convey their real self accurately in a written resume. This becomes exhausting and the fear of rejection grows. Hiya is a breakthrough mobile application that connects amazing job seekers to employers. It’s a two-sided recruitment marketplace that allows job seekers to go after the career they deserve – presenting themselves in the best way possible, via video. Proving the WILL can outweigh the SKILL.

An employer’s most valuable asset is its staff. The number one thing that employers look to build and maintain is a strong team culture. To do that, they need to find staff who are the right organisational fit for their business. Yet, traditionally when companies are recruiting, they are focused on the tangible skills and experience of the candidate. With Hiya, companies searching get to see, hear and connect with people that share their vision, values and who would be the perfect fit for their company's culture – creating a truly efficient and proactive recruitment process. Companies can also drastically reduce their time to hire by incorporating Hiya as a screening tool in their current recruitment process – inviting applicants to complete a video interview, getting the see personal attributes that really matter, things like attitude, ambition and potential.

Our mission is completely humanise recruitment, by ensuring every job seeker has a voice in the competitive market and an avenue to engage with the companies they have a strong passion and desire to work for. Employers get to connect with every eager candidate on a personal level, not just words and skills displayed on a screen or piece of paper. The days of reactive recruitment are numbered.

Category: Marketplace, People solutions
URL: https://hiyaapp.com.au
Operational Status: Active
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State: Western Australia
Overseas Operations: No
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiyaapp
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hiya
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