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Pick a Spot Local ScreenArt is a Digital Signage Advertising website Platform for SME Businesses that allows them to network together and advertise with each other offline and online to customers and social media followers. Digital advertising spent on social media is estimated to be $36 Billion dollars worldwide in 2017 and rising, all with a lack of transparency and accountability surrounding it.

Small Business Owners or Screen Partners as they are termed own their Full HD TV connected to a computer and internet to display their own 30 second Digital ad's free, fellow business owners of any business description can submit 30 second still image Digital ad's via their account that can only be approved by the Screen Partner or a remote screen manager that has been selected by the business owner for a share of the screens turnover.

Top User Features of the Platform include:

* 70 % of Local Ad spend stays in the local economies they came from worldwide!
* Community Sporting clubs/Not for profit Charity groups are selected by the Business owner and receive 10% of a screens turnover.
* Creating new Job opportunities to local communities via Screen Management, IT and Hardware sales, Screen Setup and promotions.
* Free to use with No Contracts or ongoing fees to lock Business owners into.
* No Play No Pay!
* Low to no cost setup for Business owners!
* 11 cents per 30 second show and share.
* Can be connected to existing Digital Signage Screens!
* A Platform with Limitless possibilities!

At 11cents US per 30 seconds, we believe we have accomplished the affordability side. When it comes to predictability, screen partners and promoters are one in the same in that screen partners can predict accurately who will promote with them, and promoters, in turn, can predict accurately the audience they will promote to when and how much they are willing to spend.

Our unique point of difference to that of our competitors is the way our Digital signage allows Business to Business transactions and interaction to take place for advertising and promotions between Owners for local area reach like no other platform on the market.

With an estimated worldwide existence of 80-100 million small business owners our platform can have a huge impact on local economies all over the globe!

So where do we make our money you ask? Our share 3 cents per ad comes every 30 seconds!

Category: Adtech & martech, Social enterprise, Social media
Operational Status: Active
ASX Listing Code (if applicable):
Year of Commencement: 2017

15 Bermuda way Safety Bay

State: Western Australia
Overseas Operations: No
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