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PlasmaShield is an Australian-based company with technology that is scientifically proven to prevent the spread of airborne infection through water droplets. Our products can be used to conduct virus and microbial decontamination, odour removal, smoke removal, elimination of particulate matter and dehumidification across healthcare and a variety of other industries, transforming indoor facilities to safe controlled environments.

Accreditation & Testing:
PlasmaShield is a TGA listed medical device, and the company's accreditation and certification are to some of the highest national and global standards.

Independent testing has confirmed PlasmaShield produces no harmful gasses or bi-products, whilst achieving 8-log reduction in airborne viral contamination.

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Category: Health & biotech, Safety & security
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2016

2 Eton Rd, Keswick, South Australia 5035, AU

State: South Australia
Overseas Operations: No
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