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Onetide Modular Systems was borne from Director Roy Mitchells keen passion for renewable energy. With in excess of 30yrs Oil field engineering experience Roy saw a need for application of Oil field efficiencies to the renewable energy sphere, to enable efficient economical application of large scale renewable energy solutions.

Onetides products address energy demand for Defence, Humanitarian Aid, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Edge of Grid consumers.

Mobile Microgrid™ is a world first in providing clean hybrid renewable (wind, solar, hydrogen, hydro) energy solutions utilising lithium and kinetic storage. Modularity enables generation and storage to be scaled throughout the applications lifecycle as required. The Mobile Microgrid™ allows electricity of 240v Single Phase, 415v 3 Phase, Eex Hazardous Area to be generated and stored in units from 2 kilowatt to megawatt scale. It reduces the huge diesel logistics demand, cost and risk from remote energy supply applications. Providing a real alternative to decentralised power supply for transient and edge of grid consumers. Water purification and filtration systems can also be integrated.

Mission Deck™ is an industry leading no-weld sea fastening system which enables rapid, within 12hour (“Onetide”) modification of tender vessel decks, also with land based application. It offers industry leading world class efficiencies in OPEX, personal and HSER.

Universal Container System UCS™ can also be adapted for remote operated drone deployment for search and rescue, surveillance or security purposes. It offers multiple functionality including tactical operations, climate controlled remote location powerhouse, chemical storage, patrol dog kennel system, amongst many other applications.

Shore Power Cable Management Deployment and Retrieval System™ for rapid deployment and storage of shore power cables, specifically suited to naval vessels and wharf operations optimisation.

Universal solar mounting system USMS™

Category: CleanTech, Energy
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2015

Perth, WA 6163, AU

State: Western Australia
Overseas Operations: No
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