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Octant AI is an Artificial Intelligence platform which drives better project outcome performance. Emerging from a collaboration at University of Oxford, the technology delivers more accurate and much earlier insights into project performance across a range of different key result areas, including time, cost, revenue, and other critical factors. Calibrated on thousands of projects, Octant AI is progressively tuned to user organisations’ unique circumstances, and continuously improves with use. It can be applied to any undertaking that is delivered in the form of a project, programme, or portfolio.

The platform delivers insights earlier, faster, and more accurately than is achievable through traditional project analytics tools, so that project managers, owners, deliverers, contractors, and financiers can make the right decisions at the right time with less uncertainty. Octant AI enables organisations and professionals to predict, plan, and prevent problems and maximise opportunities.

Octant AI’s customers include both private sector firms and public sector organisations. The platform has been designed to make maximum use of the existing data asset of organisations and of the increasing amount of data that is generated with each project. It is drawing on multiple project reporting systems such as schedules, cost reports, financial cash flow data, publicly available big data and almost any other source. It is the vanguard of a new way to manage complexity in projects at a fraction of current costs.

Research shows, and everyone knows that risk of poor cost and time outcomes on any sort of project is high despite the best efforts of talented professionals. It is time to embrace new technology to make a stepped, sustainable, and measurable improvement.
If you see it sooner, you fix it faster and you can be better.

Category: AI
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Year of Commencement: 2017


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