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MHS is a health solutions company developing technology and applied systems that measures, monitors and manages metabolic health. MHS is an ISO13485 company with CE Certification for its lead technology ECAL™.
Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, MHS is run by an experienced global management team and is proud to have customers across Australia, Europe and Asia.
MHS programs are focused on the measurement, monitoring and management of a patient’s metabolic health. To do this, MHS created ECAL™, the world’s first portable metabolic monitor designed for clinical practice. Designed and developed by MHS in Australia, ECAL™ is licensed for use by primary care, specialist medical practitioners and university departments around the world.
MHS Clinics have taken the technology into pilot programs and applied it to about 1500 Western Australians to develop clinical protocols to tackle the most common metabolic disorders. These protocols can provide personalised lifestyle interventions for weight related metabolic health disorders.
MHS will offer global access to this clinical system through ENABLE™, a digital health platform connecting the practitioner with the patient and MHS.
The practitioner will for the first time have the opportunity to provide individualised care for patients, by utilising accurate measurement of metabolic rate and body composition, energy substrate use and hormone status providing accurate monitoring of weight and metabolic health.

Category: Hardware & devices, Health & biotech
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2011

7/12 Brodie-Hall Dr, Bentley, Western Australia 6102, AU

State: Western Australia
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