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Medibis is an Australian-based cultivator, producer, manufacturer, exporter, and researcher of high-quality medicinal cannabis products. We are revolutionising the pharmaceutical industry and are proud to be one of the Australian leaders in the cultivation and development of medicinal cannabis supporting new global treatment methods and quality of life standards.

Medibis is a 100% Australian-owned company equally focused on supporting our community, innovative, and sustainable environmental solutions, and developing a thriving new Australian industry.

The leadership team includes:

• Angus Chapel, Founder, and Managing Director
• Andrew Calvert, Executive Director, and Chief Engineer
• Dr. Evan Stephens, Chief Scientific Officer
• Cathy Todd, Senior Pharmacist

Category: Health & biotech
Operational Status: Active
ASX Listing Code (if applicable):
Year of Commencement: 2002

PO Box 573 Toowoomba QLD 4350

State: Queensland
Overseas Operations: No
Awards won: