Gas Capture Technologies

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Competing with the industry leaders in gas separation technologies and clean gas production, Gas Capture Technologies offers innovative solutions for the natural gas processing.
Our business ensures that the latest advances in gas separation technologies are presented as tangible business solutions.

Gas Capture Technologies provides a novel, cost-effective solution for gas processing in low-grade methane recovery technology – by using patented adsorbent materials for methane capture from unconventional gases – using an ionic liquidic zeolite (ILZ) material via simulation methods, pilot scale, and field trial experiments though industrial collaboration.

The first of its kind, our proudly Australian innovation is the first of its kind in the world. We have patented this technology and are currently working towards its commercialisation. Our award-winning staff members work for, and with numerous energy companies and organisations including the Australian Centre for LNG Futures and the Australian Research Council (ARC).

Gas Capture Technologies assist in cutting costs, improve profits and while lowering carbon emissions into the environment. By recovering and cleaning gases, we save many industries additional costs in from refineries, with our products.

The driving force behind Gas Capture Technologies is a team of specialists who ensure a high level of expertise goes into our technological research and development and the delivery of high-performance products.

Category: CleanTech, Resources
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2017

10 Baling St, Cockburn Central, Western Australia 6164, AU

State: Western Australia
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