Cluster Biotechnology

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Cluster Biotechnology is made of a strong team, a high-level R&D facility established by the QLD State Government, innovative ideas, and a tremendous passion for resolving real-life issues. With a global network of researchers and industry members, we are now able to offer high-performance Biotechnology products and services for industrial and commercial purposes.

We are focused on probiotic discovery, characterisation and their improvement using genetic and conventional techniques, for benefit of education (consulting services), Agriculture and Food Security, and Public Health. Our proactive team is constantly seeking opportunities to help others, through our technical skills and collaborations with business owners, scientists, healthcare providers, investors, politicians and the community.

Using molecular microbiology, we have been developing innovative products and services that aim to contribute towards crop growth and security, food technology and ingredient development, therapeutic design for prevention and treatment of animal and human diseases, environmental remediation, animal performance and well-being, and more. Cluster is made of passionate, qualified and visionary people, which creates a recipe for success in translating science into industry innovation, directly contributing to resolve issues in a rapidly changing world.

Category: Health & biotech
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2015

16 Nexus Way, Southport, QLD 4215, AU

State: Queensland
Overseas Operations: No
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