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Carina Biotech: Advanced cellular immunotherapies

We are an Australian biotech company researching and developing broad-spectrum chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) technologies to treat solid cancers including pediatric and rare cancers.

We are working to…

1. Expand the clinical indications for T cell therapies

2. Improve the commercial viability of T cell therapies by developing supporting technologies that make T cell therapies more effective or economically viable

Headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, Carina has strong T cell R&D capability across a network of research providers and collaborators including leading scientists at the UniSA, the Women's & Children's Hospital in Adelaide, the University of Adelaide, the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in NSW and the Seattle Children's Hospital in the United States.

Category: Health & biotech
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2016

Level 5, Catherine Helen Spence Building, UniSA City West Campus, Adelaide , South Australia 5000, AU

State: South Australia
Overseas Operations: No
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