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BottleSales is a unique online multi-vendor e-Commerce platform that connects everyday consumers with vendors and facilitates the searching, purchase and delivery of alcoholic beverages. Think Trivago or Uber eats but for your favourite alcoholic beverage.

The BottleSales mission is to reach, inform and capture the focus and interest of the on-line liquor consumer. Our platform provides for every consumer to have a choice to search, compare, purchase, Click/Collect or we will deliver to their home or office from within 1 hour. How great is that!

BottleSales partner with local retailers across the country to provide a technology solution to make alcohol delivery safe, compliant and convenient. At BottleSales we built a business whereby we never touched the alcohol or made a cent from the transaction. It was our intention to offer a combination of technology and services to the retailer. Our leadership and experience in technology design also makes us an invaluable partner to companies whose products rely on a sharp user interface and unforgettable user experience. So, when a customer asks for something, we don’t suggest how a system works – we deliver solutions’.

BottleSales revenue is from selling membership subscriptions to liquor stores for the opportunity to be the alcohol provider for a specific service area. Additionally, the company hopes to leverage the wealth of data and advertising metrics it is collecting, which is unlike anything available in the beverage industry today.

The Bottlesales e-commerce technology will enable suppliers to discover consumers’ preferences first hand, enabling suppliers to keep up-to-date with continuously-evolving trends.

It is evident from past research performed by Bottlesales that Consumers voted with their wallets, however on-line trends are now favouring choice, convenience and speed of delivery to their office or home environment, and what they buy in terms of alcohol will in future be directly captured and documented by the Bottlesales analytical team.

Because of the three-tiered system, as shown above, suppliers rarely in the past had visibility into the buying habits of consumers, specifically early adopting of the on-ground millennial consumer.

Our access to the preferences of the trend-setting customer base will help store members & suppliers innovate and adapt to what the consumer wants. This is increasingly important as e-commerce is the fastest growing channel in the industry.

Ultimately, BottleSales will help the industry “become even more customer-centric” as we present “a 360-degree view” of consumers buying habits.

Category: Food & drink, Marketplace, Transport & Logistics
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2017

Suites 4,5 &6
Subiaco Business centre
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State: Western Australia
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Best Tech Business Model - The Alpha Program - 2018