Australian Startups Milestones and Achievements March 2017

Every month here at Techboard we publish a ranking of Australian Startups and Young Technology Companies (see our March Ranking). One of the most significant inputs into a company’s monthly score is milestones and achievements. We collect this information in a number of ways: we use our semi-automated google news scraper, we keep track of what we hear on the grapevine (the public information) and companies report their achievements to Techboard using  our Announcements platform.

The table below contains the achievements that we have picked up on over the course of March 2017.

A point for Australian startups and young Tech Companies to note. If you want to make sure your achievements are considered towards our monthly ranking you should announce them on Techboard (you need to set up or claim your profile to do this).

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[table id=106 /]

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