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Announcement Date: 16/06/2017
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Tap into Safety turns 3 today!

It's our birthday today and what a busy three years we have had! We have two highly successful solutions Hazard Insight and All of Me available across all platforms and in daily use by some fantastic customers. We have successfully reduced their workplace incidents, increased their hazard reporting activities and assisted in identifying staff in early mental health decline. We go to bed each night knowing we are making a difference!

We'd like to thank Lendlease Maintenance Services, Chandler Macleod Group and the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association, in particular for your continued custom and support.

We'd also like to acknowledge our partners: Vault Intelligence, Deloitte Australia and injuryConnect for sending business our way.

And last, but not least, we wouldn't have a company if we didn't have such a great team! The Directors and Shareholders would like to thank Grant, Chris, Jacob and Jack for all their hard work, can-do attitude and creativity.

Join us in wishing us a happy birthday with many more to come! Hip hip hooray!!

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About Tap into Safety:

Tap into Safety is on a mission to keep workers physically and mentally safe. We have two solutions that are available across smart devices and on the web.

Hazard Insight uses our signature 360/180 degree panoramic scenarios to deliver a 'walk through' of the users workplace that they work within to learn about how to work safely in their environment. We also draw on gaming techniques, animation, images and audio to deliver engaging training that has seen our customers achieve a drop in their workplace injury rates by at least 10%.

All of Me is our early intervention mental health solution that has been designed for business. All of Me provides refresher training on topics that impact mental health, e.g. change and burnout. It provides 'one click' away from help and support and data that shows business staff groups in early mental health decline. This information has to date not been made available to business in the past and using this data they can tailor their well-being programmes to those who need it most.

Both solutions produce comprehensive visual reports to show the gaps in safety knowledge and the users who are experiencing issues with their wellbeing. The platform is cost effective and suited to meet the budgetary constraints of all businesses.

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