Pointerra to license 3D tech to AAM Group. ASX:$3DP

Company Name: Pointerra

Announcement Date: 14/06/2017
Announcement Category: Contract/Partnership
Announcement Content:

Pointerra signs MOU with AAM, the largest geospatial solutions company in the southern hemisphere.
MOU covers the licensing of Pointerra’s unique 3D data technology by AAM to help AAM customers better visualise and analyse 3D data.
AAM to pay Pointerra a technology licence fee and an ongoing royalty from 3D data usage.
Pointerra to licence AAM’s data for sale through Pointerra’s 3D data marketplace.

Announcement URL: http://bit.ly/2szbeBZ
About Pointerra:

Pointerra has built a powerful cloud based solution for managing, visualising and sharing massive 3D point clouds.

We make dealing with massive 3D datasets easy. Whether you’re a geospatial veteran, a surveyor on a budget, or just curious about the world around you, Pointerra makes it easy to view amazing, interactive scenes from the comfort of your browser.

View massive point clouds from any device, anywhere in the world. Pointerra renders dynamic views of your data from our cloud-based servers instantly – no matter how big the dataset is.

Unlock value in your spatial data assets. No longer do you need to be a spatial data expert to access point cloud data. Free your technical professionals and IT staff from the burden of managing massive datasets.

Securely share your point cloud data with staff, customers, partners or everyone. View or purchase curated data sets from our catalogs. Extract selections of data when required. Monetise your own data through our world-first 3D data marketplace.

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