Tap into Safety partners with Injury Connect

Company Name: Tap into Safety

Announcement Date: 08/06/2017
Announcement Category: Contract/Partnership
Announcement Content:

We are thrilled to announce our NEW partnership with injuryConnect. injuryConnect simplifies the injury and claims management process through an online system. By spending less time on the paperwork, employers can focus on supporting a safe and effective return to work.

Tap into Safety will support injuryConnect clients in two ways; 1. by enhancing psychological well-being and encouraging open communication about mental health in the workplace to further enhance OHS outcomes; and 2. by identifying safety knowledge gaps to improve hazard perception skills and safer practice.

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About Tap into Safety:

Tap into Safety provides customised, interactive, ‘game like’, self-paced safety and hazard/risk perception training & assessment applications, available on tablets (android & iPad) and Web-based. They use a methodology that reduces legalistic terminology replacing this with videos, pictures and audio (multiple languages) that engages workers in fun safety and risk awareness training that also assists workers with poor English language and literacy skills. Within our framework we use your content: your videos (or those that are commercially available), your pictures, the workplace hazards you identify, the controls and critical controls you would like your people to use and the priority order in which you require them to deal with these hazards and high-risk tasks. We develop photographic scenarios in 2D, 360/180 degree panoramic views and panoramic views that transition between work spaces. The photographic realism sets our training and assessment applications apart from others and ensures effective learning transfer to produce improvements in safety performance. The applications are supported with in-depth analytical analysis because users need easy; executives need a visual gap analysis.

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