Diversifly Launch VR Training App for Enterprise

Company Name: Diversifly

Announcement Date: 12/06/2017
Announcement Category: Product launch/update
Announcement Content:

This educational technology startup is set to revolutionise Australian workplaces and level the playing field for global business.

Diversifly launch their state of the art Virtual Reality educational training tool, with an ambitious aim - to shake up Australian workplaces not meeting their gender targets and remove barriers for women at work.

This local and female-led outfit presents a world first in taking training into the future and embracing new technology to increase learning outcomes and enhance human capital for organizational efficiency.

According to IBM in 2008, businesses around the world reported a failure to effectively develop desired skills and adequately anticipate future needs. Diversifly’s first product, a tried, tested and rigorously critiqued Virtual Reality training tool, educates employees, managers and stakeholders to identify their unconscious bias towards the topic of gender in and outside of the workplace.

Diversifly’s Unconscious Bias module teaches employees to recognize bias in typical workplace interactions, with the aim of building skills and confidence to call out the behavior that doesn't support diverse thinking and decision-making.

“At a time when the world is at ends with itself, when Trump is dominating headlines for his lack of awareness and unapologetic bias, when uncertainty is high...we could all do with up-skilling in human interaction, including across key contributors to high-performance such as bias awareness, emotional intelligence, empathy and conflict resolution, now more than ever as we prepare for the Future of Work.

We have chosen to focus primarily on diversity training for numerous reasons, not least because corporations currently spend a combined $8billion on diversity training with little to no return, as evidenced by the sluggish pace of change for numbers of women on boards,” said Diversifly Founder and CEO, Lucie Hammond.

This cost effective, no-real world risk, remote and flexible virtual training accelerates change, and brings businesses and their staff into the 21st century.

“Diversity is the buzzword in the boardroom right now, and the war on talent throws yet another challenge into the mix, meaning organisations are having to approach recruitment more inclusively to attract the talent they need to succeed. This immersive learning experience is just what the corporate sector needs to revive and thrive,” said Executive Recruiter and Founder of the Beacham Group, Glenn Beauchamp.

Diversifly’s mission is simple, to educate and develop Super Humans for the Future of Work. Australia has the opportunity to lead the way in this field globally with its accessible market size and structure, and this local startup with a global outlook is on a mission to support equality, deliver results, and make workplaces happier, more productive places to be.

Unconscious Bias training in VR is available for download on the app stores and requires a passcode from [email protected] to access learning content.

Announcement URL: https://lucie-hammond.squarespace.com/new-blog/2017/6/9/female-led-local-startup-launches-leading-edge-diversity-tool
About Diversifly:

The Workplace Diversity app: Diversity training for entire workforces in VR
We have developed the world's first mobile corporate learning platform for diversity & inclusion (D&I) in virtual reality.
With just a smartphone and the mobile VR goggles provided, employees can learn anywhere, anytime.

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