Retail Software Innovator Delloop, Awarded for Going Global

Company Name: Retail Software Innovator Delloop, Awarded for Going Global

Announcement Date: 09/09/2021
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Seattle, September 8 2021: The Delloop team was pleased to receive an award in the recently announced Go Global Awards.

Out of more than 4000 entrants, Delloop made the top 20% of businesses recognised as “driving the economy forward through their innovations, technologies and strategies,” stated a spokesperson for the award organisers, the International Trade Council.

Entrants were judged by independent CEOs and leaders of government trade and investment agencies from around the world against criteria that included: a product demonstrating uniqueness/innovation, that has a competitive edge, that is designed to solve industry challenges. And a company that has a sound business strategy, with long term viability and sustainability.

CEO Lou Schillaci stated: “To be in the top 20% of this outstanding field is an important acknowledgement for us because Delloop is designed to address global retail issues and we’re delighted our solution resonates with the market.”

The International Trade Council (‘ITC’) is an internationally-renowned, non-profit organization, and its Go Global Award program aims to build a strong community of manufacturers, exporters and related service providers.

To address the growing issues of acquisition and retention - that all retailers from around the world face -Delloop has created a consumer-centric solution that provides ongoing integration and interaction between Retailer and Customer, well beyond the traditional sales cycle.

From the touchpoints at the sale, delivery, during usage and warranty, through to disposal and recycling, Delloop facilitates an enduring Customer Experience.

Insights from the resulting customer data provide a wealth of information that informs and strengthens the Retailer’s future interaction with their Customers.

“Delloop is all about marrying technology and innovation with real-world, human-centric needs,” commented CCO, Claire Linley, “and we’re delighted to be recognized by the International Trade Council for our efforts to help global retailers.”

Delloop will be running demonstrations of its software across Europe in the coming weeks
TNW Conference, Amsterdam 30 September – 1 October
Web Summit, Lisbon 1 – 4 November

For further information contact: Claire Linley | +351 937 596 679 - [email protected]

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