Makers Empire to Help UAE Roll Out 3D Tech Into 200 Primary Schools

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Announcement Date: 19/10/2018
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United Arab Emirates to Roll Out 3D Tech Into Over 200 Primary Schools In 2019

In its continuing effort to create lifelong learners who thrive in a global economy, the United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Education (MoE) has announced a country-wide rollout of 3D technology into over 200 primary schools to begin in early 2019.

This new rollout will involve Dubai-based education consultancy company, Ibtikar, partnering with Australian education technology company, Makers Empire, to deliver a program implementing
3D design and printing across the Emirates to over 200 grade seven classes in 2019.

To achieve the country-wide rollout, Makers Empire will provide curriculum, 3D software (Makers Empire 3D), teacher resources, training and support to Ibtikar so the company can train MoE teachers to successfully deliver the new program. This transfer of knowledge and skills in Design Thinking and Maker pedagogy is integral to the program’s success and the MoE teachers’ professional development.

The new rollout of 3D printing technology in primary schools reflects the MoE’s belief that teaching Design Thinking, STEM and 21st century skills using 3D printing to younger children, will help create a more innovative, adaptable and resilient future workforce.

Moreover, the students that learn Design Thinking and 3D printing with Ibtikar and Makers Empire will be well placed to move onto more complicated CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs in their high school years.

HE Eng. AbdulRahman of the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education, commented, “Through this rollout of 3D technology, our students will learn to reframe needs as actionable statements and to create solutions to real-world problems. In doing so, our students will develop an important growth mindset, the skills they need to make their world better and the essential ability to persist when encountering setbacks.”

Ibtikar Managing Director added, “As a leading provider of innovative, education technology. Ibtikar is proud to partner with Makers Empire to provide a new and dynamic education experience for students in the UAE. Through 3D design and printing, young people are encouraged to take risks, accept challenges and develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to thrive in the complex life and work environments of the 21st Century.”

Jon Soong, CEO of Makers Empire, said, “We are proud to partner with the UAE Ministry of Education and Ibtikar to deliver this genuinely transformative rollout of 3D technology across the UAE. Long admired for its strategic vision and incredible pace of progress, with this pioneering rollout, the UAE has once again proven to be a leader in global education.”

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Global technology company helping K-8 schools harness the power of 3D printing and design to teach design thinking, STEM concepts and 21st century learning skills.

Makers Empire's 3D Learning Program for primary schools is the first of its kind developed anywhere in the world. We help teachers achieve real learning outcomes, engage students in STEAM topics, and become confident teachers of 3D printing technology. We help students enjoy learning through our appealing and inspiring curriciulum-aligned lesson plans.

3D printing technology is being used everyday to make people's lives better: like computing, it has potential application in almost every single industry. So students with 3D printing experience have a clear advantage over their peers in terms of future tertiary education and career prospects.

At Makers Empire we're helping today's students prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. Join our community.

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