Infra Tech show how Incorperating geophisical investigation techniques can be used to assist in the selection of a Landfill site on a difficult to access site.

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Infra Tech group utilise geophysics on a hard to access site to assist in Landfill Site Selection

Redhill Landfill Geophysical Investigation and 3D modelling for EMRC

Project overview

This project utilised geophysical techniques to estimate the amount of over burden required to be excavated for a landfill development. Through the measurement of seismic velocities and the creations of a 3D ground model, Infra Tech was able to interpret the mechanical properties of the materials within the site.

Project constraints

The site was actively being used for farming and green waste storage. This meant access for drilling rigs and the creation of drill pads was a significant issue. Parts of the site were also densely vegetated, meaning to drill significant vegetation clearance would be required, this was not deemed economical as at this stage the study aims to select a site and cause minimal disruption and damage.

The conventional approach

Conventionally, a series of boreholes would have been undertaken across the site, due to the known variability it would have been difficult to estimate volumes of each material type without a high number of boreholes. To achieve this a large amount of vegetation would require clearing and farming activated would have to be completely stopped.

The Infra Tech solution

Infra Tech undertook a non-invasive geophysical investigation utilising the Multi-Channel Analysis Surface Wave (MASW) technique for long 2D profiling and the Continuous Surface Wave System (CSWS) for areas currently inaccessible for MASW survey such as heavily vegetated or heavily used areas. Results from the CSWS and MASW tests were used to create a 3D ground model that was able to determine the boundaries between the laterite, clay and granite. This model was then used to estimate the volumes of each of these materials. This approach require no further drilling to take place.

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The Infra Tech Group in Perth provides Total Solutions in Geotechnical and Pavement Engineering to Perth organisations across the Civil, Mining, Oil & Gas, Land Development and Local Government sectors.

HIEDYC™ ground treatment imparts vertical energy into the ground to depths ranging from 2m to 5m. In view of the near vertical energy input, the spread of energy along the ground surface as surface waves in minimised. It is the surface waves that generally cause the vibration to be transmitted along the ground to adjacent structures. In conventional compaction, especially with the use of vibrating rollers, considerable energy is transmitted as surface energy.

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