FreshChain Systems tracing Watermelon from paddock to plate

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Announcement Date: 28/11/2019
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An Australian First - Watermelon traced from paddock to plate using blockchain technology.

*Scan the QR code to trace back to the farm

One of Queensland’s largest seedless watermelon growers, Andrew Martens of Marto Farms has unveiled the first blockchain end-to-end consumer traceability and marketing system on seedless watermelons in Australia. In partnership with specialist Australian traceability and consumer trust technology company, FreshChain Systems they have capture end-to-end traceability allowing consumers to track the product from origin and importantly, learn more about the farmers that grow them.

Andrew Martens noted “The world has changed and people simply want to know more about their food, it’s location and those who produce it. Consumers can now simply scan a QR code on our seedless melons label to see detailed information on the harvest, conditions, certifications and handy hints relating to that specific melon. This represents a great opportunity to showcase our world class products, passions and farming practises. Inviting consumers to learn more about the product they are buying will only enhance our offer and create long lasting connection and loyalty in both local and export markets. We simply can't risk losing the trust of the next generation of consumers who have money to spend by not being more open. We should all be involved in initiatives to secure the fresh food future of Australia”

Dianne Fullelove from the Australian Melon Association congratulated Andrew on this initiative and is keen to explore it further. “This is an important step in safeguarding not only the melon industry but all fresh food. We think it’s really important that consumers understand the passion and commitment our farmers make in ensuring our fresh food supply in Australia remains.The reputation and livelihoods of our growers and their suppliers are at stake so it’s important we invest and get it right. We want consumers to be able to enjoy, with full assurance that the products they are eating are fresh and safe and educate on how to store food correctly to help eliminate food waste. This benefits our whole community”

Greg Calvert, founding Director at FreshChain also congratulated Andrew on this initiative. “It takes real foresight with a practical sense to be able to achieve what Andrew, his family and his team have done at Marto Farms. We want consumers to make an informed decision on their choice of products – to choose products produced responsibly, by growers who are passionate about what they do. Blockchain technology allows us to share reliable information with consumers in an accessible way. Our goal with FreshChain is to become the global standard for end to end traceability and consumer connection and what better place to help realise that vision than in the food bowl of Bundaberg, Queensland”

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FreshChain is a fully integrated, blockchain enabled, paddock to plate assurance system that verifies the food you eat is safe and fresh. Share your unique stories, passions and practises with your consumers and receive feedback in real time. Protect your goods in export markets from fraud and mitigate the risk against recalls and withdrawals. We are Australian developed, owned and operated.

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