Keepspace: Completed Milestone of over 1,500 Orders Fulfilled

Company Name: KeepSpace

Announcement Date: 14/11/2017
Announcement Category: Other, Product launch/update
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With the increasing of amount of users of our service at KeepSpace we are proud to announce that KeepSpace as fulfilled over 1,500 Orders from our Perth Beta Warehouse.

Our Orders has allowed us new and healthy shipping relationships with companies such as Australia Post, DHL, Couriers Please and TNT that gives us better rates for our users to take advantage of.

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About KeepSpace:

KeepSpace is a third party logistics company supporting eCommerce businesses in enabling them to have their eCommerce stores intergrated with KeepSpace so that the requirement of order fulfilment can be completed seemlessly.

KeepSpace online web application allows their users to view their goods for inventory management and tracking, and order management from the one location while being empowered to know what status their orders are at within the fulfilment delivery process.

KeepSpace has partnered with Austraila Post, TNT, DHL and Courier Please to compelte order fulfilments.

KeepSpace works to attract early ecommerce businesses that are in the range of a minimum of 4 orders a month to be able to outsource their business operations to KeepSpace.

KeepSpace also has a growing marketing project to which it provides marketing steps of how to build a eCommerce business within KeepSpace/ecommerce that empowers ecommerce business owners to be able to learn about the vital required skills to implement their business to the level of which KeepSpace can come in and suppor their growth.

It is the intention of KeepSpace to grow into China to have a foothold on the aisan market to support quality development and product fulfilment nearby the manfactures centre.

You can follow our movements to which we are posting on Facebook moving forward. or check us out at

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