Battery Rescue signs up its first WA Mining client for its regulation compliant used battery recycling service

Company Name: UNISEG Products

Announcement Date: 14/11/2017
Announcement Category: Contract/Partnership
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UNISEG Product's company, Battery Rescue has signed up its first WA Mining client for its regulation compliant used battery recycling service. The service utilizes the patented UNISEG Battery Container, that enables batteries to be easily and safely loaded into the container, due to its unique front load configuration. When full the Container is closed and secured by 6 Snap-Flat over centre latches and is ready for immediate transport in less than 30 seconds.

Many Mining and Oil & Gas Companies want a safer and more convenient method for handling batteries, to reduce their environmental impact and meet their chain of responsibility obligations by complying with the various regulations that govern the storage and transportation of used lead acid batteries”.

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About UNISEG Products:

UNISEG Products deigned and developed the UNISEG pallet as a multi-purpose storage and transportation container that can be used as a general freight container; for the direct transportation of certain dangerous goods & hazardous wastes and as an dangerous goods segregation device. The UNISEG Pallet offers the key benefits of safety, environmental sustainability, convenience, security and protecting goods from damage. The pallet has been provisionally patented in 33 countries.

In 2014, UNISEG Products started the company Battery Rescue to provide a used battery recycling service using the UNISEG Pallet.

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