cloudyBoss introduces the “TAP” to the world of start-up crypto-funding

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Announcement Date: 03/08/2018
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cloudyBoss introduces the “TAP” to the world of start-up crypto-funding

Release date: 6th August 2018

In the competitive environment of growing a business, funding options for start-ups have to date largely centred on traditional methods – venture capital, angel, seed investment, crowd funding, loans and lines of credit – and more recently, via accelerators. Every option comes with risk and often heavy equity encumbrances which may hinder, rather than help a start-up long term.

Award-winning technology company, cloudyBoss, whose SKYE DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) solution is natively code-less, has introduced an innovative tokenomic approach to start-up financing that will see the company partner with start-ups and accelerators around the world on ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), STOs (Security Token Offering) and its own, TAPs, (Token Augmented Partnership) opportunities.

A step-up in investment safety, a TAP brings to the world of crypto-funding the assurance that comes with diversity: why buy into one organisation and an elusive white paper when funding can be directed toward a more resilient ecosystem of independent parties, or an entire industry vertical, and ensure from the outset a far greater rate of success and adoption for the underpinning token? This is one of the main powers of TAPs, redefining the way cryptos work.

“Our unique 360° go-to-market architecture is proving ideal for introducing innovative tokenomics to start-ups that allow them to self-fund,” stated cloudyBoss CEO, Lou Schillaci.

To explain, cloudyBoss CTO, Giovanni Di Noto said: “At the very core of our baseline NEXT+ product, which is an ERP-X (extended ERP), is our DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) SKYE, which is natively multi-currency – crypto or fiat – and is the most versatile and agile technology for anyone seeking to build an exchange platform and offer e-wallet services.

“SKYE can create or leverage existing multi-currency payment gateways, run ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), STOs (Security Token Offering) or TAPs (Token Augmented Partnership), while solving security, stability, scalability, protocol-inter-operability and low TPS (Transactions Per Second) issues - which are currently crippling the existing crypto-coin environment.”

“SKYE is the newest player in this market but already a leading force with its protocol-neutral, codeless DLT,” said Schillaci. “It reassures, is risk-mitigating and provides future-proof stability for start-ups as well as new opportunities for investors.”

cloudyBoss is at the advanced implementation stage with several start-up innovators including:

WeGo (Italy) - with its leading-edge Mobility-as-a-Service, vehicle sharing initiative.

Casky (France) - with its device for helmets that monitors, alerts and tracks the safety of two-wheel vehicles.

QuickSafety (Australia) – with its revolutionary app for safety compliance.
With more ground-breaking TAPs in the pipeline in the coming months.  
To date, the ICO market has been highly volatile. In 2017 the ICO craze saw failure rates over 92%. Far from deterring investors, however, levels of funding were propelled to even higher levels in the first half of 2018 and have unveiled a strong market appetite for these types of alternative investment vehicles.

The introduction of rules and clarifying definitions, for example, the all-important distinction between security and utility tokens, has provided a much more secure investment environment. The smartest regulators, such as Lithuania, Malta and Gibraltar have taken full advantage of this, with other countries now playing catch up.

The ICO landscape is however still prone to hurdles. Beyond the lack of substance in predominantly wishful “white papers” and “capital gain promotional” risks in ICO-adverse countries; or trollers, scammers, spoofers and free-riders, alongside a lack of merchant adoption or coin exchangeability, this space is also exposed to tangible systemic risks such as unworkably low TPS rate (Transaction Per Second), single protocols vulnerability, lack of functional elasticity, poor scalability, unstable forking and hacking risks, to name a few.

Following pressing requests from mainstream operators and a growing number of clients, cloudyBoss with its SKYE DLT, finds itself in a unique position to rebalance, stabilise, innovate, boost and drive to even higher levels the tokenised investment sector and tokenomics in general.

CTO, Di Noto stated: “In the DLT camp, our work on quantum computing technology allows clients, partners and peers to correctly frame implementations around the tenets of immutability, consensus and distribution rather than any particular blockchain protocol.

”Top-tier exchanges are looking closely at our unique approach to development - which is a mix of short-term market-driven responses, coupled with far-reaching R&D that demonstrates critical future-proofing measures. “

Award-winning cloudyBoss is a developer of affordable enterprise software that manages business operations and processes for 21st-century entities of all sizes. As well as its SKYE DLT, the cloudyBoss core product, NEXT+, features Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), that provide new tools for businesses to deal with disruption, automation, security and productivity gaps.

CEO Schillaci concluded: “We look forward to engaging with start-ups and accelerators the world over, and to extend to them the full scale-up potential offered by SKYE and NEXT+ for their start-ups.”

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cloudyBoss is an award-winning developer of enterprise software that manages business operations and processes for 21st-century entities of all sizes. Apart from software, cloudyBoss’ innovations also extend to business transformation programs and internal business processes such as the APEASE which encapsulates the ‘royalty-based’ relationship between cloudyBoss and parties to which it is connected.

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