Adtech leader Veridooh provides carbon offset solution for OOH as it becomes carbon-neutral business

Company Name: Veridooh

Announcement Date: 28/07/2022
Announcement Category: Product launch/update
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- Veridooh is offering a barrierless solution for advertisers to offset the carbon emissions of their out-of-home advertising campaigns across all formats and media owners. -

Adtech company Veridooh has created an industry-first, barrierless solution for advertisers to offset the emissions of their out-of-home campaigns as part of its mission to help the sector protect and support the environment.

The adtech company, which provides industry-leading verification for OOH advertising, has also become a certified carbon-neutral business by reducing and offsetting 100% of its carbon footprint, taking into account factors such as the business’ energy use, staff working from home, waste, key suppliers, and travel.

The initiative comes as the Australian advertising industry commits to reducing carbon emissions across the advertising supply chain in response to climate concerns around the globe.

Veridooh’s custom-built carbon calculator will allow advertisers to offset the carbon emissions of OOH campaigns verified through its platform.

Through its SmartCreative technology, Veridooh is able to track and measure every second of every play, allowing it to understand the energy consumption of each campaign. Veridooh is able to use this information to calculate the carbon emissions associated with each display panel and will provide advertisers with the option to offset emissions through a portfolio of high-integrity carbon projects.

“At Veridooh, we believe that out-of-home should be environment and people-centric which means we have a responsibility to protect and improve the environment for all Australians,” says Veridooh cofounder Mo Moubayed.

“Our SmartCreative technology has the ability to track every second of every play, meaning nothing is assumed. This puts us in a unique position to use this data and help the industry in its efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of OOH advertising, making it an even more attractive channel for brands.

“We’ve already received interest in this solution from brands that are eager and ready to reduce the impact their advertising has on the environment. We’ll be rolling out further OOH initiatives aimed at supporting the environment, whether it’s targeting digital, static, or programmatic formats.”

The carbon offset solution will fund a variety of projects such as traditional fire burning across an area over 80,000 km2 in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. Traditional fire burning practices significantly reduce carbon emissions while providing social, environmental, and economic benefit for Indigenous landowners.

The solution is available to all advertisers, including Veridooh agency partners Omnicom Media Group, GroupM, and IPG Mediabrands, as well as Veridooh’s 160+ clients.

Veridooh has also achieved carbon-neutral status after reducing its carbon emissions and offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions by funding projects that avoid, reduce, or absorb greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. The projects are selected based on whether they deliver measurable benefits aligned with the Paris Agreement and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Veridooh has already contributed to projects such as the Coorong Lakes project which protects and restores the native landscape of the South Australian Coorong region in partnership with the Ngarrindjeri people. Part of South Australia’s Limestone Coast, the region is at risk and in recent years land surrounding the area has been cleared for agriculture and is under increasing threat of degradation.

Veridooh continues to reduce its carbon footprint by banning single-use coffee cups and plastic bags in the office, having a paperless office, and implementing recycling and composting initiatives alongside working with Clean Up Australia every year.

The carbon offset solution is available to advertisers from today.



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Veridooh’s mission is to grow out-of-home advertising through transparency. We do this by developing innovative tools that allow us to independently track and measure every second of every panel, anywhere in the world. We partner with media agencies such as GroupM, IPG Mediabrands, and Omnicom Media Group to verify their out-of-home campaigns.

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