Techboard Roundtable: Funding Options for Aussie Startups

We are back with another Techboard Roundtable, the first for 2020. With our previous Roundtables (which didn’t involve tables of the circular variety) we had our panel sitting around a table, with a live audience. For now we have unsurprisingly decided to move online with all panelists having their own table and our audience can also experience the Roundtable from the comfort of their own homes. 

"We are very pleased to again be partnering with Radium Capital to recommence our Techboard Roundtables for 2020, kicking off with what should be a great session on startup funding options." Peter van Bruchem Co-Founder of Techboard

Startups always need to understand their funding options. These uncertain times are requiring startups to be creative, making changes to how they operate, how they reach their customers, how they deliver their goods and services and how they fund their activities.

Now more than ever Startups need to be aware of different funding options open to them, how these funding options are also changing in response to the changes in the market and how they can best position themselves to fund their activities, survival and growth. We will also be exploring the impact that COVID19 is having or expected to have on these options.

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Cameron Owens, CEO of Radium Capital - R&D Advances

Cameron is Founder of a Real Estate focused Fintech and now CEO of Radium Capital which helps Companies undertaking R&D get the right cashflow and capital mix.

Lynda Coker, Scale Investors - Angel Investment

Lynda is an experienced Angel investor, advisor to startups and also Venture funds and also recently became the commercial director of Volt Bank.

Steve Torso, Wholesale investor - Criisp - Investment platform

Steve founded Criisp a SAS platform for raising capital. He also founded and runs Wholesale Investor a platform for connecting High Net Worth and Professional Investors with Private, Pre-IPO, STO, Blockchain and Small Cap Listed Companies

Nick Gainsley - Principal (Venture Credit) OneVentures 

Nick has a strong background in venture debt which he has brought with him from the United Kingdom and now runs the Venture Credit Fund at one of Australia’s oldest and largest Venture Capital firms

Dr Jehan Kanga, KPMG High Growth Ventures, R&D Tax

Jehan helps drive rapid commercialisation, particularly solving problems for startups within the emerging deep tech space across all industry sectors in Australia.

Jonny Wilkinson, Equitise, Equity Crowdfunding

Jonny heads up Equitise which operates a crowdfunding platform in Australia and New Zealand.