Techboard Launches in NSW and NT

January 2017 sees lots of changes at Techboard. We have expanded coverage for our Startup Ranking, switched from fortnightly to monthly rankings and are tightening our criteria for inclusion in the ranking and listing on Techboard.

Our latest Startup Ranking covers Western Australia and New South Wales, with around 200 startups from Sydney and across New South Wales being added to Techboard over the last few days (this brings the number of company profiles on Techboard close to 1000.)  The extension of the coverage of our Startup Ranking to New South Wales was made possible with the recruitment of a NSW Community Manager, Alex Kohn. Over the last couple of months Alex has been helping compile the Company data necessary for our NSW launch. He has also been central to assisting Techboard to recruit luminaries from the Sydney Startup Scene on to our Panel of Experts which provides critical input into our Startup Ranking.

As part of our expansion across Australia we have also appointed a Community Manager in the Norther Territory, Shanon Loughton, from Cloudmine.  We will be adding new states in the coming months into the Ranking, as we recruit local state community managers (get in touch if this should be you!).

See the latest Startup Ranking and the first covering NSW here.

We have also tightened up on our criteria in response to community feedback and our desire to help support young companies. Previously we had not set any age limits on companies listing on Techboard. We have decided that we will generally exclude companies that are more than ten years old from listing on Techboard, being included in our Rankings and from using our Announcements platform. The impact of this is that we are archiving over 100 company profiles. We are enabling older companies to remain active on Techboard in a few limited circumstances, for example the company has had a significant pivot or has yet to release or commercialise a product that has been in development. We will be contacting older companies that have claimed their profiles over the coming weeks to determine if they should remain active profiles on Techboard.

Startups that we have created profiles for can come onto the Techboard platform and claim them for no charge. They then have the ability to edit their profile and use our announcements platform for no charge. We look forward to NSW Startups claiming their profiles and getting active on the Techboard platform.

Calling all Startups – Raise your Profile with Techboard

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