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Vocus Upstart is an intensive 13 week program in which mentors will help startups get a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to market, search for a business model, win their initial customers and gain traction.

The program provides $40,000 in seed capital per startup in two tranches in return for a small 8% equity stake via way of preference shares. The seed capital provides a stipend for founders and provides a small amount of working capital to cover legal,marketing and product development costs.

The program utilises the Lean Startup and Customer Development methodologies to provide a customer focused, scientific method for managing startups with an iterative approach to product development driven by measurement and learning.

Each company accepted into the Accelerator Program is provided with up to two permanent desks at Spacecubed where they can work side by side with other founders.

The program has in excess of 40 Mentors which will include successful company founders and subject matter experts.

Startups in the Accelerator Program will be given free membership to eGroup for 12 months.eGroup Forums and Masterclasses will form part of the program.

On completion of the Accelerator Program the companies will pitch at an event called Demo Day. There will be a demo day in Perth and Sydney.

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URL: http://www.vocusupstart.com.au/
Email: [email protected]
Type of Hub: Accelerator
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2016 Finalists


2015 Finalists

Offpeak Games
Team Ahoy
Australian Geotomography
Social Folio (previously "Snaptch")

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