Startup Genome, Techboard and LaunchVic collaborating to Showcase the Melbourne and Victorian startup ecosystem.

StartupGenome recently published its Global Startup EcoSystem Report 2019. That report included two Australian Cities, Sydney and Melbourne. The Report found that Sydney had slipped 6 places down in its top 30 ranking to 23rd and named Melbourne as a Challenger Ecosystem, on the cusp of breaking into the top 30 ranking.

Techboard partnered with LaunchVic and Startup Genome to help ensure that Startup Genome’s section on the ecosystem in Melbourne, Australia was based on the most complete funding data available. The ongoing data partnership will also enable accurate communication about the scale and growth of the regional startup ecosystem.

"The Techboard team started collecting funding data on Australian Startups as part of Techboard's mission to advance the growth of startup and young technology companies in Australia and it is great that our data is being used to help showcase a major Australian Startup Ecosystem to a global audience." said Techboard CEO Peter van Bruchem.

In the 2019 report, Melbourne was assessed as a having an ecosystem value of $2.24 USD billion, up from $1.6 USD billion in the 2018 report, this assessment was supported by Techboard’s funding data.

According to Startup Genome’s Chief Policy Officer Dane Stangler, “We are delighted to deepen our engagement with LaunchVic and work closely with Techboard. Startup Genome’s mission is to help more places around the world develop thriving startup ecosystems that help support successful startups and scaleups. Everywhere, that work depends on having accurate and precise data for assessment and benchmarking, and to inform public and private action.”

Access the Global Startup EcoSystem Report 2019