New Features Update November 2015

Following Companies

New to Techboard – You can now follow companies and get notified when they update their profile or make an announcement.

If companies making announcements want to notify their followers of a profile update all they need to do is to tick the box – “notify my followers of this update”.

If a subscriber finds a company that interests them they can click on the “follow” button on the top right hand corner of the company’s profile pages…. Subscribers who have followed companies will be notified of any updates or announcements on a daily basis.

Subscribers can manage their follows on the “My Follows” page under the “My Dashboard” tab.

You know how following works right? its really all pretty self explanatory.

We are initially introducing following of Company Profiles but will soon be extending this to Categories… once we have completed our project to refine categories… You may have noticed but the categories have got a bit out of hand… When Techboard launched it started with a generous list of categories and had enabled companies to add new categories. So we have decided to cut back from the current 142 categories to 25(ish). We will be rolling out the new categories in the coming weeks.

We are also tightening up on our approach to category selection, with a requirement that companies select no more than 3 categories.

Video Embeds in Company Profiles

We have also just enabled companies to add an embedded video to their company profile. For am example of what that looks like check out duinoPRO’s profile.  Companies can add a video by editing their company profile under “My Company-owned profiles” under the “My Dashboard” tab.


The Techboard Team

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