Morning Startup M2K Party

Last Friday Night Morning Startup heldĀ a great party at the Claisebrook Design Community. Techboard was pleased to presentĀ a panel session on the night comprised of founders of companies who have topped Techboard’s fortnightly startup ranking.

A big thank you to theĀ Panelists:

Marc Berryman from Rhinohide,

Sue Bahn from Tap into Safety

Anthony Manning Francis from Gigger,

Geoff Pocock from Hazer Group;Ā and

Russell Francis from Velpic.

If you didn’tĀ make it to the party or if you want to catch the panel session again you can see a video taken byĀ our friends at Niche Interview here. Ā Thanks so much Jurgen.


The Techboard Team

18 October 2016

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