Join startup founders and business angels for the 8th edition of Startup&Angels in Sydney!

Techboard's partners Startup&Angels are running the 8th edition of their series of Networking events on Thursday, 14 December at BlueChilli (125 York Street) from 6pm to 9pm. It will once again be a great opportunity to meet the founders of promising startups while networking with fellow investors and entrepreneurs and tasting amazing products.  At the event 5 speakers will introduce their startups, give some insightful advice of share their vision of Emerging markets.

Speakers include:

Speaker 1:

Hadassa Rorke - Co-Founder/Director @Famly

“I love operating as a start-ups, I love the pace and having to adapt to make an idea work. My experience from working with (Groupon) before the launch in Europe, expanding into the global market and merging with Groupon USA will be of great use in growing famly. Working with the international teams, streamlining their Customer Experience and Reducing Refunds across Groupon countries has given me the right knowledge to make famly a success. Other international start-ups that I have worked with and for are 9 flats, Wimdu (both Airbnb Clones), Zendesk & Airtasker here in Australia.
Also I am a mother of 2 girls and I know the daily struggle of parents. What you need and want for your children and can solve a problem that every parent experiences.”

About Famly: Famly is the first app to discover and book activities with and for kids.
Finding and booking activities should be made simple, easy and fun. And this is exactly what the famly app does.
No more waisting time researching the internet on multiple websites that leave you hanging. At famly we are doing the research for you. All you need to do is find the right activity, book it and have fun.

famly for iOs:
famly for Android:

Speaker 2:

Claire Jenkis - Founder @Vetchat

Claire is a lifelong animal lover, devout admirer of her gorgeous Kelpie ‘Red’, Veterinarian and a passionate problem solver. Having spent the past 13 years caring for animals as a neighbourhood vet in Melbourne, Sydney and the UK, Claire was frustrated by the current pet health system where the the cost, the inconvenience or lack of out of hours services provided by local brick and mortar clinics means pet-parents are often left without options to get answers in their time of need. This was the inspiration to create Vetchat so that Vets, pets and parents can work together without boundaries.

About Vetchat

Vetchat is an online platform that connects veterinarians with pet owners to help their pets. We deliver easy access to affordable, expert vet advice via 1:1 video consultations and on demand chat. By being readily available when you need us most, we’re making vet care easier to access and understand for pet-parents everywhere.

Speaker 3:

Trish Nicklin - Owner & Director @CriticalQ

Trish Nicklin has been practicing Transformation, Innovation, Change, Communications, Leadership, Corporate Relationships and People Management in the Financial Services industry professionally for over 25 years and as a volunteer in Sporting organizations and Not For profit associations for over a decade. She is an accountant by trade who became an equity financial markets executive by stealth, a State Sporting Organisation Chair by passion and a People Person by priority.

About CriticalQ

CriticalQ is a corporate advisory aiding business leaders and employees to think differently, embrace critical thinking and theory and use it to study the art of being "uncomfortable" in order to make better decisions and plan for the future. CriticalQ uses creativity, academic theory and life studies to fire up dormant brain cells and recharge your power sources. Transforming your thinking so you can transform your business, career or team.

& More speakers to come...

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