Triple Point

Funder Name: Triple Point
Funder Type: Venture Capital
Funder Location: United Kingdom
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Investments with purpose, for profit, by people - From Triple Point.

Something happens when people come together. From the connections we make spring ideas. Fresh solutions to big problems, from how to grow our crops and heat our homes, to how to support businesses and drive the economy. And from solutions like these flow opportunities to create value.

We call it the Triple Point. It's the place where people, purpose, and profit meet. Since 2004, we've been targeting this Triple Point in areas like infrastructure, energy efficiency and social housing, unlocking investment opportunities that make a difference.

Big problems create strong demand. Strong demand drives good investments. Good investments solve big problems.

It means that investors never have to choose between financial returns and social impact. You achieve one by achieving the other.

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Triple Point is the trading name for the Triple Point Group which includes the following FCA regulated entities: Triple Point Administration LLP under firm reference number 618187 and Triple Point Investment Management LLP under firm reference number 456597.

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