SQREEM Technologies

Funder Name: SQREEM Technologies
Funder Type: Corporate
Funder Location: Singapore
Funder Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/sqreem-technologies
Funder URL: https://sqreemtech.com
Funder Overview:

A pure AI company, SQREEM is one of the world’s biggest digital behaviour aggregators. SQREEM's AI engine continuously collects analyses, translates, and catalogues vast amounts of open web data, fusing this information to capture anonymous digital footprints that define highly targetable cookie-free audience cohorts.

SQREEM provides some of the world’s top brands with intent-based insights on digital consumer behaviours to identify relevant key audience segments while informing the development of tailored media messaging.

Introduced in 2021, ONE Market is the world’s first AI-enabled media exchange. A game-changer in the programmatic advertising industry, ONE Market merges all SQREEM's tech stack layers, delivering an optimised end-to-end solution that seamlessly connects the right audience with the right digital destination - when and where behaviours occur.

ONE Market is purposefully designed as a plug and play platform to work directly into any workflow. Cookie-free and GDPR compliant, the solution is free of charge.

• The Straits Times: Singapore’s Fastest Growth Companies 2022, No. 19
• Financial Times: Asia-Pacific Fastest Growing Companies 2021, No. 53

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