SPRIM Global Investments

Funder Name: SPRIM Global Investments
Funder Type: Venture Captial
Funder Location: Singapore
Funder Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/sprim-global-investments
Funder URL: https://sprim.net/
Funder Overview:

SPRIM Global Investments is a privately held investment company. SGI was established in 2008 following the global expansion of SPRIM Consulting & Services business.

SPRIM Global Investments leverages the funnel of SPRIM’s sourcing, screening and selection processes across the globe to identify and invest in high potential health solutions. We find dynamic young companies proposing innovative offerings and help them to accelerate their growth. These startups can, in turn, leverage the SPRIM network, enabling them to fast-track their development. Our portfolio companies have full access to SPRIM’s fellow venture company experts across the globe as well as the company’s investment vehicles.

Investments/funding events:

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