Funder Name: Quantonation
Funder Type: Venture Capital
Funder Location: France
Funder Linkedin: Quantonation
Funder URL: https://www.quantonation.com
Funder Overview:

Quantonation is an Early Stage Venture Fund dedicated to Deep Physics startups with a focus on the emerging and disruptive field of Quantum Technologies.
After years of R&D, properties such as quantum superposition and entanglement are starting to be harnessed and exploited in a new generation of Quantum Technologies, impacting many sectors by exceeding “classical” devices.
Based in Paris, France and Boston, US, Quantonation invests in startups exploiting genuine quantum effects and also in companies leveraging deep physics towards disruptive applications. These include among others cybersecurity, pharmaceutics design, finance and manufacturing. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are poised to be impacted by Deep Physics Technologies in a significant way.
We are always scouting for startups with values and projects that fit with our thesis and if this sounds like you, we would love to talk.

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