Providence Asset Group

Funder Name: Providence Asset Group
Funder Type: Venture Capital
Funder Location: Australia, New South Wales
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We are an innovation led investment firm, financing and managing multiple assets in renewable energy, clean technology and eco-friendly real estate. Our objective is to be Australia’s leading asset manager for renewable energy, driving investment and innovation to empower local communities and deliver a prosperous and sustainable future.

Our collaboration with leading research institutions, industry partners and communities drive optimisation across the entire value chain of “green energy” design, constructions, project and asset management to deliver sustainable social, environmental impact and economic returns.

Our vision is to realise the potential of renewable energy to improve the well-being of communities and the environment, today and for future generations.

Our end-to-end philosophy is the cornerstone of our investment strategy to optimise the generation, storage and distribution of renewable energy. Increasing the sustainable supply of renewable energy provides the opportunity to leverage the economic returns on our core assets through yield management and supply chain efficiencies.

Our core investment opportunity is through the Providence Infrastructure Fund.

The Providence Infrastructure Fund provides investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of infrastructure assets used in the generation, storage and delivery of renewable energy in Australia.

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