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THREE DECADES OF EXCELLENCE - PRECISION TEXTILES is a pioneer in the production, design & distribution of high quality CFR 1633-compliant residential, institutional and commercial textile components, as well as laminated solutions.

With ISO 9001:2015 certification, vertically integrated production in its 210,000 sq. ft. state-of-the art New Jersey headquarters, three Asian factory joint ventures, and a global network of 38 operation centers; PRECISION TEXTILES’ product solutions can seamlessly integrate into any product construction strategy. Our award-winning factories & facilities feature the latest technology in machinery, resulting in flawless product development from fiber to finish.

Founded in 1987 under PRECISION CUSTOM COATINGS, and in 2004 establishing PRECISION TEXTILES to serve OEMs and industry-leading partners, we have been committted to delivering superior quality, outstanding service, flexibility & innovation to our valued clients. PRECISION TEXTILES offers a vast array of wovens, knits, nonwovens, specialty fibers & laminations which are sure to make you stand out amongst your manufacturing competitors.

PRECISION TEXTILES makes an active, continued effort to grow, learn, adapt and expand in an ever-evolving world. In the new global economic landscape of today, manufacturers and retailers must adapt their supply chains to meet the rapidly changing needs of the consumer. PRECISION TEXTILES goes above, beyond & much more in-depth, in lieu of a simple supply chain; We are a global value chain, strategically encompassing a full spectrum of interrelated processes in order to maximize your own uniquely competitive advantage over others in your industry. Our seasoned staff of dedicated professionals and near-limitless access to quintessential resources gives us the ability to create value which exceeds the cost of providing its good or service to customers. We consistently exceed expectations at the best possible price.

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