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The most successful decade of wealth creation in the tech sector solved first world problems at the expense of real world problems. As our planet burns, we’ve retreated towards the digital world instead of reckoning with a broken physical one.

We’re moving from a system of brittle supply chains, analog production, and extractive industries to a future that’s renewable, productive, and whose enterprises and technologies augur resilience through adaptation.

The path ahead entails two massive opportunities: both transitioning existing business and creating new markets. Together, these twin forces represent a generational investment opportunity and an addressable landscape ripe with innovation.

The world we want is abundant, where breaking things means putting them back together better than before. The world we’re investing in will enable us and future generations to grow with less friction, less cost, and more value.

The opportunity in front of us is planetary, growing exponentially, and requires conviction, creativity, and community to thrive.

We built Planeteer Capital for this moment. We’re climate market experts, founders, and technology leaders. We invest with conviction at the pre-seed and seed stages where inflecting climate verticals are positioned for outsized financial success.

The power is yours.

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