Funder Name: DQventures
Funder Type: Venture Capital
Funder Location: Singapore
Funder Linkedin:
Funder URL: http://www.dqventures.com
Funder Overview:

DQventures helps entrepreneurial people to escape the corporate slog and start their own business. Unlike accelerators or VCs, we work exclusively with senior professionals who still have a job. If you're a subject matter expert; if you deeply understand an important problem; and if you know how to solve it, we could help you start your own venture, not just as advisors, but as co-founders. Perhaps surprisingly, the average age of a successful founder is 45. Sadly, by that age, responsibilities and expenses can make it harder to "just go for it". In fact, leaving a well-paid job and starting from scratch might be a little bit crazy. That's the story behind our name. DQ = don't quit.

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