Funder Name: Douugh
Funder Type: Corporate
Funder Location: Australia, New South Wales
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Douugh is on a mission to democratize banking, developing a bank account with a brain, designed to help you live financially healthier.

Imagine a bank account that takes the stress out of managing your money and helps you reach your goals faster - helping you pay off debt, spend less, save and build wealth. Where you’ll get real-time insights and guidance from a personal financial assistant, to develop good habits and make better decisions around your money. It sounds super smart, right?

The Douugh bank account offers full banking functionality, complete with the government guarantee on deposits up to $250,000 (and a shiny Douugh Mastercard Debit Card). You’ll be able to send and request money, split bills, create savings Jars, and connect all your existing bank accounts and credit cards - so Douugh can collate, organize and inform you about your spending habits.

Douugh’s a coach, mentor and assistant in one. It learns how you spend to make sense of where you're at, compared to where you want to be. It’s not advice, it’s personalized insight and affirmation from your coach who is dedicated to keeping you financially fit and healthy. So you can enjoy the now and let Douugh worry about the rest.

All delivered through a seamless, intuitive, beautifully hand-crafted smart mobile banking app.

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