Deus X

Funder Name: Deus X
Funder Type: Venture Captial
Funder Location: England
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Deus X is unlocking value in capital markets, fintech and digital assets, with a focus on building a new financial system in which everyone can prosper.


The technology enabled financial system of the future will be fairer, more transparent and deliver true value to individuals, businesses and communities and result in enhanced prosperity for humanity.

Better financial ecosystems can be built by breaking down traditional silos and bringing together complementary innovation across the capital markets, fintech and digital assets.

Focused investment and business management with an infinite mindset can identify, create and unlock economic value that exists in the capital markets, fintech and digital assets sectors.


To build, operate and invest in capital markets, fintech and digital assets businesses that have the potential to be transformative in creating a faster, better, cheaper and more accessible financial system.

To create an ecosystem of complementary, interconnected and mutually supportive businesses that will drive the new democratised economic paradigm.

To make investments and manage businesses and relationships according to our core values.


Intellectual Honesty
Professional & Ethical Integrity
Mutual Empowerment

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