Coin Capital Ventures

Funder Name: Coin Capital Ventures
Funder Type: Venture Capital
Funder Location: Australia, Queensland
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Coin Capital Ventures (formerly CCDA Capital) is a growth equity fund focused on investing capital and experience into crypto-asset and blockchain projects and businesses. We invest in companies around the world that drive overall adoption of blockchain technologies and crypto-asset use across a myriad of domains.

We love teams with a focus on market disruption by harnessing long-term technology trends.
Our network is our key asset. We call on experts from all industries with deep domain knowledge to help our portfolio companies accelerate their growth.

To support the growth of our portfolio companies, we provide tactical advice across key functional areas such as technology, product market fit, sales and marketing. By working closely with growth stage companies, our pattern recognition enables us to draw learnings and help our portfolio scale effectively.

We welcome all new projects with a crypto focus and business's looking to use crypto-assets or public blockchains in their current operations.

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